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who am i?

I'm a Korean developer who loves working with the user-oriented project.
And I'm motivated by a need to create actually what I need in my real-life. (see my works)
I worked as a developer for micro hardware and massive network applications.

Now I am a mobile network engineer, I mean, dealing with LTE network issue or IP Router problem so on.
For example, one of my jobs is "Traffic Engineering" which is predicting how it will grow next month to total traffic on MPLS backbone network capacity of "cell phone" and managing capacity operation (including some optical WAN lines and configuration to Routers and Switches).

It is great experiences to me work in Mobile Network Operating Company at Network dept, because now I can fully understand how LTE works end to end! there are a lot of ppl who know how tcp or Linux socket works but very few lte network works.

So my interest has changed so much, from something for server or application to something for Internet service provider or data center.
Now I am interested in SDN(software defined network), MPLS, Virtualization, DPDK(Dataplane DevKit), and 5G Networks.
what teemo?
And about my nick-name, Teemo is a character in League of legends.

I used to play as him. So that's why i am use his name.

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My works

Here below are my works. Maybe not working on IE. I recommand Chrome.

show my ip
Third slide

what is my Public IP?

Simply show your ip. Sometimes you want to know IP address what you are actually doing with.

Use with curl. If you use VSN, or Dynamic IP, it's annoying to find out whenever your public ip're changed.

Just type like this on your terminal.

teemo@ubuntu:~$ curl ip.teemo.io

So, What is it? On popup

ISP Checker
I made it for my job classify IPs
It's return CSV file or comma split isp information text including ISP company and subnet of given IP string.
Click here to show your ISP Information, KR, -, /11, SK-TELECOM-NET, SK Telecom, 20100818

Click here to show Presentation

my presentations based reaveal.js.

Get Server-time
This app give your computer time synchronization to specific web server.
I made this for register for a class when i was student. (never fail!)
Fork it.
teemo@ubuntu:~$ git clone https://github.com/msjuck
And go to forked directory then type python time.py
teemo@ubuntu:~$ python time.py

Real-time Chating
You can chat on web with your SNS account or random user-name.
It's closed. for personal reason.

Realtime Comment Service
I recently developed real-time comment service. and i am planning to open, So Here is Feature and Useage.

Light-weighted File Sharing Service
Sorry, It's private service. I will open it for public later. I closed bacause someone delete every files.
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